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SANITATION & Disinfection


What is TwinOxide?

 TwinOxide  is used in over 45 countries around the globe to safely and effectively  disinfect contaminated water or surfaces. It comes in both a two-part  powder or tablet depending on the application and needed concentration.  The two-part powders create a 3,000ppm concentration of 99.9% pure  Chlorine Dioxide, whereas the two-part tablets create a 1,000ppm  concentration of 99.9% pure Chlorine Dioxide. TwinOxide is a safe,  healthy and environmentally friendly way to disinfect water or surfaces  unlike Chlorine or other disinfection products. For more information on  specific uses of TwinOxide, as well as Safety Information and  Certifications please see the available information below.  

Why you should be using it?

 TwinOxide® is a healthy and environmentally friendly way to disinfect  water unlike chlorine or other products.  TwinOxide® does not produce  disinfection by-products and kills the full spectrum of bacteria,  viruses, fungi, molds, and spores. 


Constant Chlor® MC5 Feeder System

The next generation feeder featuring patented erosion technology

The Constant Chlor® MC5 Feeder system provides reliable chlorine  solutions for water treatment plants, waste water plants and water  reclamation facilities. The Constant Chlor® system consistently delivers  liquid available chlorine for disinfection applications that kills  bacteria, controls algae and removes organic contaminants. The feeders  use EPA registered Constant Chlor® Briquettes that work in conjunction  with the feeder to produce a fresh concentrated liquid chlorine solution  for clean, clear, sanitized water. Treats facilities with up to 10 MGD  ranging from a minimum of 5 lbs a day available chlorine to 83 lbs a day  available chlorine.

Constant Chlor® Marathon Feed System

The disinfection solution for low volume municipal water treatment

The Constant Chlor® Marathon Feeder System is the latest Constant Chlor® innovation,  designed specifically to handle conditions and requirements to  chlorinate at remote sites, reservoir/boosting sites and secondary  disinfection applications at office and institutional buildings.  Constant Chlor’s® uniquely developed system treats 250,000  gallons (946,352 l) up to 3PPM, operates at pressure ranges up to 100PSI  (6.89 bar) and delivers up to 7lbs (3.17 kg) per day chlorine. 

Constant Chlor A300 Feeder

 Clean drinking water for small community wells 

The Constant Chlor® Plus A300N-GF Feeder is a compact chlorine  gravity feeder capable of producing high feed rates. Its simple, rugged  design makes it ideal for small community wells and drinking water  storage tanks. The feeder works with Constant Chlor® Plus Tablets to  chlorinate drinking water. A scale inhibitor in the tablet helps prevent  scale build-up in the feeder for a low-maintenance chlorination  solution. 

Drytec® Systems

An accurate dose of chlorine for the food and beverage industry

DryTec® Systems sanitize water in an easy, automated process - for consistent, accurate chlorination in food and beverage applications.
The easy-to-use  DryTec® Feeder works with our  DryTec® FG Briquettes to consistently deliver liquid available chlorine to kill bacteria, control algae and remove organic contaminants. These unique briquettes are made in the USA, and are formulated with a scale inhibitor, making them the convenient, easy-to-use solution for use in food industry applications.


Ozone Water Systems

 Ozone  can normally be utilized in water treatment wherever Chlorine (Cl2),  Chlorine dioxide (ClO2), Potassium permanganate (KMnO4), Ultraviolet  light (UV), Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), Oxygen (O2) or aeration are used  or considered for use. Also, ozone is very compatible with, and can be  used in conjunction with other treatments, as in the Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOPs), for special cases or problems.
Ozone  is noted for its ability to reduce the molecular weight of molecules,  whether from the cell wall of a bacteria or from a carbon source that  causes water coloration or poor taste.

Applications for Ozone:

  • Agri-Food Processing
  • Air Treatment
  • Aquaculture
  • Dairy Farms
  • Grain Treatment
  • Groundwater Remediation
  • Laundry
  • Water Treatment